20s & 30s trip to Takeley

On Saturday the 3rd of February, five blokes from Eden drove down to Takeley and met a group of about ten from Chelmsford for an eight-mile walk. It was a lovely day. We had a pub lunch together about half-way, then turned back towards our starting point.

I didn't really get the camera out much, but there are two photos that are worth publishing here. The first is as we were heading back - the fields opened out into the first (and only) non-flat area of the walk. Yes, I know it is a bit overexposed.
The group heading across a field
The second photo is the sunset that we saw as we approached the end of the walk. I had to remove a rather pesky power line that stretched all the way across the picture. It did spoil it rather. I also enhanced the exposure a little. The whole photo is about twice as wide, but this seemed the most sensible chunk to show everyone.
That sunset
This is the original version:
Original sunset image