20s & 30s trip to Snowdon

On the weekend of the 19th of May 2007, a group travelled to Pen-y-Pass youth hostel in Wales, next to Snowdon for a walking holiday. We travelled there on Friday evening, then had a day and a half of walking before travelling back on Sunday afternoon.

Day one - Saturday

We decided to walk up Snowdon via the Watkin path. We got most of the way up before I took the first pictures:
The five of us

Looking back on the way up

Rocks in the mist

Peeping over the ridge at the hostel

The main ridge of the horseshoe

Near the top, the mist came in, and it got fairly dark. The café and train station at the summit were undergoing renovations - it seemed rather surreal to see a mechanical digger at the top of a mountain. Also, it seemed entirely wrong for there to be a queue to stand at the top! On coming down from the summit, the mist blew away, leaving one side of the ridge covered for a few seconds.
Rocks in the mist

Cloud coming off the ridge

Looking towards Anglesey

To the left of Anglesey, towards the sea

Sharply defined rock

The group, descending the ridge

Briony and Jo coming down the ridge

As we approached the next peak, the main group followed the path down into the valley and back onto the Watkin path, while Daniel and I went up to the top for a peek.
Looking towards a future lookout point

Getting closer to the lookout point

Looking South from the top

Looking back North at Snowdon

Looking West from the top

Looking North at Snowdon from the lookout point

Part of the horseshoe from the Watkin path

Part of the horseshoe from the Watkin path

Looking up from the lower end of the Watkin path


Day two - Sunday

On Sunday morning, we decided to walk up the side of the valley opposite Tryfan and the Devil's Kitchen.
Joanna Briony Daniel

Tryfan and the Devil's Kitchen


We then drove back around the valleys and found a lake to have lunch by, before driving home.