Holiday in the Cairngorms - day 3

On the third day, I went on a twenty mile walk up Lochnagar and down to Balmoral, starting at Braemar. It was a beautiful day, but far too far a walk. I got to Balmoral around 9:00, and back to the youth hostel by taxi by 10:30, far too late for the restaurants to be open. I started off walking a lovely pond in Corrie Feragie, and then past the Lion's Face
Pond in Corrie Feragie

Pond in Corrie Feragie

On the way up Lochnagar, I spotted a tiny frog, and a fairly large dark green snake, which moved out of the way very quickly. I didn't get a photo of the snake - it disappeared too quickly.
A very small frog

Feindallacher Burn

Looking back at the path up

Looking ahead to Lochnagar

The view North from Lochnagar

This is the view from the top of Lochnagar. It's a full 360° panorama, so I have split it into four separate images:
South from Lochnagar

West from Lochnagar

North from Lochnagar

East from Lochnagar

Lochnagar has a sheer North cliff, which has several folds, allowing some cliff faces to be photographed from others:
Lochnagar cliff face, with the summit in the background

West-most cliff face

View East to the main Lochnagar cliff face

Looking West at the cliff, with the summit in the background

Looking down at the Lochan below the cliff

Looking back up at Lochnagar