Holiday in the Cairngorms - day 4

On the fourth day, I was rather sore from my long walk the previous day, and it rained a bit, so I took a fairly gentle walk up Creag Choinnich, very close to Braemar.
Clouds rising from the forest on Little Elrick

Looking East onto Braemar

Looking East onto Braemar and the Dee Valley

Holiday in the Cairngorms - day 5

On the fifth day, rain fell from the sky like it was being chased by something scary. But not before I got this photo of a red squirrel.
A red squirrel

I spent the day travelling from Braemar to Aviemore by bus. It was dry until I reached Ballater, where there was a lovely town square with a church and quite a few pidgeons. At the first clap of thunder, all the pidgeons flew up onto the church tower, which I thought was really dumb of them, it being the tallest structure around.
Pidgeons on the best lightning-attractor around

Once I arrived at Aviemore, it had mostly stopped raining, and the rabbits came out to graze on the lovely manicured lawn of the ski hotels.


The cairngorms from the railway bridge at Aviemore