20s & 30s trip to the Chilterns

On Saturday 20th October a group of four from Eden drove down to the Chilterns and met up with a group of four from Coventry for a walk around the countryside. We were presented with these kinds of views:

View down from the hills

This is Daniel looking cool.

We saw quite a few Red Kites. This one came fairly close.
Red Kite Red Kite Red Kite Red Kite Red Kite

Puffballs, apparently. I'm told they're edible, but I don't know if I would trust them.
Earth balls

And an ink cap, which is also apparently edible.
Ink cap

We had a few rather fabulous views across the autumn colours.


This is a rather narrow passageway we had to navigate.
A narrow passageway

We met some very friendly horses on the way. This one seemed to like the taste of Susannah's water bottle. Friendly horse with Susannah

Another friendly horse

That horsey look

This person doesn't think she looks good in photos. Shall we break it to her?

And finally, a group photo!
Group photo