Another trip to the Chilterns

On Sunday the 27th of October, I went with a few friends (and friends of friends) on another walk in the Chilterns, not far from the previous walk. We did a lot more walking in forests than walking on open hills, but we still got some good views.

Rowan, the horse whisperer

A horse up close. They always come up close. They must like cameras. This one tried to lick mine.

Path through the woods

Lovely light open forest

We stopped at this pub for lunch. Rowan stroked this cat and got scratched. She's allergic to cats. Silly girl.

We made our way (eventually) to Whiteleaf Cross, which is a white cross carved out of the hillside exposing the chalk underneath. I was expecting to see a cross, but since we were on top of it, we could only really see the fence to stop people falling into it. It was very steep.
View from above Whiteleaf Cross

Great Autumn colours

More lovely open forest

Lovely small village on a hill, with a church

Walking back across the bare field