Around Southampton

These are actually photographs from two separate visits to Southampton, in November and December. The first set is from November. This is a lovely tree showing its Autumn colours in the Southampton suburbs.
Autumn-coloured tree

I went for a walk in some woods right in the suburbs of Southampton.
Fungi on a dead branch

Stream in the woods

Path through the woods

Impressive looking tree

I spotted a robin, and took hundreds of photos of it on the spot. It was only too happy to pose for the camera, although I think it was wondering what all the clicking noises were.


I then headed to the golf course for the sunset. Unfortunately there weren't the right clouds in the sky for a really impressive sunset, but it was still rather cool.
Southampton golf course

Looking South-West from the golf club house

Looking North-West from the golf club house

The sun is just below the horizon

The last fading light

December - Fawley Mount

On Boxing Day, I went for a walk on Fawley Mount, which is a popular walking spot near Southampton.

Zoom in on the farm building

Looking down from the car parks

Looking down from the car parks