20s & 30s New Year's trip to the Lake District

On Sunday the 30th of December 2007, a group of four from Eden drove to the Lake District for a few days of walking around the hills and seeing the New Year in.

Day One - Ambleside

We arrived at Ambleside Youth Hostel in the early afternoon, and decided to go for a short walk up above Ambleside before we lost the light. On the way up, there was a tree trunk over a ravine that Rick couldn't resist crossing. The rest of us took the bridge.
Rick, crossing the ravine

Rick, more than half-way across

We made our way up to Jenkin's Crag, which gave a view over Windermere.
Three of us, on Jenkin's Crag

Day Two - Helvellyn

On Monday morning, we set off up Helvellyn, from the West (Thirlmere) side. Helvellyn is quite a tall mountain, but the route we took was very straightforward, straight up the side. We did see a bit of snow - it was piled up against the shelter at the top of the mountain.
Us at the top of Helvellyn

We then wandered along the ridge to Nethermost Pike, where we found another shelter, full of snow, which we cleared out a little.
Rick, fireman by day, snowplough by night

Daniel, throwing snowballs at us

Ruth, Rick, and Daniel

The following three nights we stayed at Derwent Water youth hostel. Monday was New Year's Eve, so there was a quiz on at the youth hostel after supper, which we won by a hair. Then we went down to the lake shore to watch the fireworks of Keswick and other places around the lake.
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

Fireworks Fireworks

Day Four

Okay, I have missed a day. I don't want to talk about it. Suffice to say that the weather was really bad, and I didn't get any pictures, but we got to the top of Scafell Pike, and (accidentally) Lingmell, and got back fairly late.

On Wednesday, we had a light day (to recover from New Year's day). First, we went shopping in Keswick, then we went to the Bowder Stone, which must be one of the most photographed rocks around.
Rick climbing up the Bowder Stone Rick climbing up the Bowder Stone

The Bowder Stone

Rick, striking a pose

Rick, striking another pose

Another view of the Bowder Stone

Some of us - Ruth was being very patient

Then we visited the village of Grange, which has a nice double bridge over a river.
View from Grange Bridge

In the afternoon, we climbed up the back of the youth hostel to the Surprise Viewpoint. On the way through the hostel grounds, we saw this waterfall.
Waterfall in the Derwent Water youth hostel grounds

Stream above the waterfall

Ashness Bridge, with Derwent Water in the background

And then the Surprise Viewpoint - a very good name, and a very good view.

Day Five - Dale Head

On Thursday, we drove home, but first we went up Dale Head. We drove to Honister pass, where there is a slate mine (which was closed for the winter), and then walked straight up Dale Head.
Derwent Water from the youth hostel

An icy slate mine

It was pretty steep, and completely frozen. It must have been very cold overnight, because the previous day there was no ice or snow around, but this day the ground was solid. Little icicles had been formed pushing up from the ground when the ground had frozen, which was rather pretty. The icicles had pushed up the top layer of gravel on the paths, which made walking interesting, as the pressure of your foot would crush the path down an inch or two as the icicles broke.
Up-side down icicles on the path

Very thin delecate icicles

The view North from Dale Head

Daniel and Rick on top of Dale Head

A frozen water flow on the path

Just before we started driving home, it started to snow.
Snow outside the hostel