Two weeks hiking in the Dolomites, Italy

On the 1st of July, I went on a hiking trip to the Dolomites with my two friends Daniel and Ruth for two weeks.

Day four - Friday 4th July

On the morning of day four, we woke to a wonderful view all round, Bressanone to the North, and Tullen to the South. Tullen and the Odles from Plosehütte

Mountains to the North

We headed South down through a small forest into the valley (1825m) towards Tullen.
Pink flower covered hillside

Interesting erosion control

Ruth waiting for us slowcoaches

Forest path

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

The Magic Forest

Then up and over a steep pass (Forcela de Putia, 2357m) and down to Schlüterhütte/Rifugio Genova (2297m).
Up towards Tullen

Our path goes up there


Tullen above the trees

Looking back across the range

Ruth and Daniel coming up the pass

Relaxing at the top of the pass

An Alpine Chough

Schlüterhütte/Rifugio Genova has a great view along the Odles, and there are a few little raises around it with even better views. Ruth and I did a quick trip up and down Zendleser Kofel (2422m) while Daniel rested his feet.
The Odles from the hostel

The view East from the hill above the hostel

Rocky bowl North of Zendleser Kofel

The back side of Tullen from Zendleser Kofel

East from Zendleser Kofel

Looking down on Schlüterhütte from Zendleser Kofel

In the evening, we got a spectacular sunset across the valley, which reflected off the rocks of the Odles.

Sunset reflecting off the Odles

Sunset reflecting off the Odles

532m ascent, 681m descent, 12km distance, plus 125m up and down Zendleser Kofel.