Two weeks hiking in the Dolomites, Italy

On the 1st of July, I went on a hiking trip to the Dolomites with my two friends Daniel and Ruth for two weeks.

Day five - Saturday 5th July

Day five was a beautiful day - too hot almost.
Mountains stretching out into the distance

We walked South around a hill and towards a pass (Furc. dla Roa, 2617m) in the Odles. The last part of the climb towards the pass was across and up a scree slope. Regardless, there were still flowers growing from the bare rock.
The Odles

The Odles

Looking West

Up towards the pass

Looking East

Across the scree slope towards the pass

Looking East

Flowers growing out of the scree slope


Col dala Pieres, South from the pass

From the pass, we went along the top of a very bare valley on the other side towards another pass (Furc. Forces de Sieles, 2505m). We stopped for lunch half way along, and had an amazing view back across to La Canssles.
A different path up the rock

South from Furc. Forces de Sieles

Flowers growing from the rocks

From Furc. Forces de Sieles, we climbed up to the top of an apparently unnamed mountain with a grassy top, albeit cliff edges, with the help of a via ferrata. Then we headed East along the Munt de Puez, along the North edge of a deep gorge.

Flat lawn in the middle of the Munt de Puez

Mountain above the path

Vallunga Langental Val - the gorge

We arrived at the hostel (Puezhütte/Rifugio Puez, 2475m) to find it fairly busy. We were put in a room with twelve beds crammed in triple-decker style. I climbed the little hill to the East to take some photos. The hostel had loads of rabbits around - they seemed to be deliberately there, with a hutch, but just roaming free. I built a fairly large house of cards, but it fell down before I could take a photo of it.
Puezhütte/Rifugio Puez

Limestone paving with proper snow-covered mountains in the distance

Mountains to the East

Puezhütte from above

Lichen on the rocks

Limestone paving

Blue flowers

View South from Puez


792m ascent, 521m descent, 11km distance