Two weeks hiking in the Dolomites, Italy

On the 1st of July, I went on a hiking trip to the Dolomites with my two friends Daniel and Ruth for two weeks.

Day fourteen - Monday 14th July

On Monday, we had bit more of a wander around Trento, before getting on a train to Santa Giustina. We went into a few buildings and found some interesting artwork.
Modern art

Older art   Older art

We went back to the cathedral square and ate some ice-cream, and looked around inside the cathedral.
Mural on the cathedral square

Inside the cathedral

A martyr revered

A colourful side-chapel

A picture on the wall

The train journey was quick and easy. We were picked up at the station by one of the hostel staff, and taken through loads of windy roads to the hostel, which felt like it still had the paint fresh on it. The hostel was right next to a small hydroelectric power station, so we had a look.
Mountains above Santa Giustina

The top collecting pool for the hydroelectric plant

A cricket in the long grass

The hydroelectric power station

The hostel

That evening, we were cooked a delicious meal by the cook, and slept well.