Conference and holiday in Colorado

On Saturday 18th October 2008, I went to Colorado for a software conference, where I gave a few talks. Colorado Software Summit if you're interested - sadly 2008 was the last of these excellent conferences. I managed to get a couple of extra weeks of holiday after the conference, and did a little bit of mountain walking, along with a trip to Arizona to see the sights, even skipping briefly into Utah.

Keystone, up Tenderfoot Mountain - Monday 27th October

On Monday, I decided to walk up Tenderfoot Mountain. My route took me up the North side of the Keystone valley and along the same path as the previous day, before heading up a dirt track up the mountain side through the dense pine woods. It was a beautifully clear day.

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The Tenmile mountain range

Frey Gulch Road

The woods

A squirrel

Squirrel again

When I got to the top, (having used my crampons over a few sections) it was still covered with pine woods, although not as dense. There was certainly no view, although a couple of birds were friendly.

However, on the way down I stumbled upon an opening in the trees and got a fantastic open view of Dillon Reservoir and the mountain ranges reaching up behind it. The sun was very strongly on that side, and there was a fair amount of haze, so the photo doesn't do it justice by a very long way.
Dillon Reservoir

Porcupine Peak, from Landfill Road