Conference and holiday in Colorado

On Saturday 18th October 2008, I went to Colorado for a software conference, where I gave a few talks. Colorado Software Summit if you're interested - sadly 2008 was the last of these excellent conferences. I managed to get a couple of extra weeks of holiday after the conference, and did a little bit of mountain walking, along with a trip to Arizona to see the sights, even skipping briefly into Utah.

Denver - Wednesday and Thursday 29th and 30th October

On Wednesday and Thursday I stayed with a friend in Denver. So, I spent a couple of days lounging around and seeing a few sights in downtown Denver.

I wanted to go and visit the US Mint, so on Wednesday I went to the booth outside and asked for a ticket (which they give out for free for the next tour, usually in less than an hour), but was informed that I would not be able to take any of my stuff in with me. I had a rucksack, camera, mobile phone, and there was no way they would be letting that in. I asked the guard if there was anywhere I could leave my stuff, like some lockers or similar, and the answer was quite amusing.

Sorry, we're not allowed to give out any information like that. Here's your ticket. I heard you say you were looking for the public library. Yes, I'm pretty sure I heard you right. Hey, you caught on pretty quick there.
The guy had a great old mob style accent, just like you see in the cinema when a gangster is "gently persuading" somone, which was the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, the public library didn't have any lockers, nor did the coach station, so I wasn't able to go that day. However, the next day I managed to go in and "see how the US government makes cents" (big groan from everyone).

Most of my photos are of the Capitol Building for Colorado. This was quite a fancy-looking building as you can see. The yellow-looking dome is apparently gold leaf, representing the gold rush in the nearby mountains that made the city.
Capitol Building

Capitol Building dome

Capitol Building

Capitol Building

A gap in an unknown building

Capitol Building

The State Building

Capitol Building between pillars

The tower of the State Building

Squirrel in the park

Capitol Building

Capitol Building

In the evening on Wednesday, I went with a group with my friend and carved pumpkins, that being the traditional American thing at the time of year. Mine is the one on the right.

On Thursday, I finally went to the US Mint and was shown around the Denver Aquarium by my friend's dad.