Conference and holiday in Colorado

On Saturday 18th October 2008, I went to Colorado for a software conference, where I gave a few talks. Colorado Software Summit if you're interested - sadly 2008 was the last of these excellent conferences. I managed to get a couple of extra weeks of holiday after the conference, and did a little bit of mountain walking, along with a trip to Arizona to see the sights, even skipping briefly into Utah.

Flagstaff - Friday and Saturday 31st October and 1st November

On Friday afternoon, I flew from Denver to Phoenix and from there to Flagstaff. The first thing I did was check into a tacky motel (actually quite nice). Then, I found my way to a delightful diner run by Chinese-Americans. They even had the little jukeboxes on each of the tables.

After supper (which was very good) I walked up to the Lowell Observatory, on a little hill (Mars Hill no less) above the town. Percival Lowell was a keen proponent of the idea that there were canals on Mars - he founded the observatory in 1894. It being some traditional American special day when I visited, the streets were well lit and busy with kids in weird masks.
The Clark Telescope lit by flash

Flagstaff from Mars Hill

The Clark Telescope lit normally

Motel sign in the morning